Workplace Health

  • Did you know that up to 10% of sick leave may be attributed to lifestyle behaviours and obesity.

  • Studies reveal that workplace health interventions may improve productivity by 1-2%

  • Good nutrition is just as important for mental health as it is for  physical health.

What we can do:

-  we can transform your workforce into healthy, happy employees working in a positive, productive environment

-  will ask what you want, see what you need, design and deliver a bespoke programme, and review its effectiveness

-  we will design and lead using a registered dietitian – the only healthcare professionals who can assess, create and run effective health and well-being workplace programmes

At Care4Nutrition we can offer a range of workshops/seminars which are tailored to your industry and budget. These workshops can cover food and mood, keeping energised at work to improve productivity, weight management and much more.............

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