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1-1 Clinics 

Do your employees require a more personalised approach?

Why not book a clinic day where they can discuss their own personal concerns? Even better, this can be followed up after an agreed period so goals can be evaluated. This method of nutrition intervention lets your employees be accountable for their goals. 

Consultations can cover but are not limited to:

- Nutrition and Immunity

- Nutrition following illness

- Eating for heart health                                                                    

- Nutrition for optimising energy/ concentration                              

- Nutrition and mood                                     

- Nutrition and fitness

- Nutrition and irritable bowel syndrome/gut health

- Nutrition for healthy skin, hair and nails

- Eating well in pregnancy/whilst breast feeding 

- Eating well on a plant based/vegan diet

- Eating to reduce stress and boost immunity

- Eating to reduce cholesterol

- Eating to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease 

- Weight management including information on portion sizes

For more information on our workplace clinics or to arrange a chat, visit our contact page and complete the form. Alternatively, contact Elaine directly by phone or email using the details in the footer of this page.


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