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We provide on-site training and interactive workshops designed to help you improve your nutritional care. Customised appropriately for your organisation’s needs, we deliver sessions for all staff, including healthcare assistants, registered nurses, managers, catering teams and care providers in own homes and day centres.


All sessions are tailored to your specific requirements, can be delivered in a number of learning styles and cover:


  • a practical introduction to the basics of good nutrition (as well as providing applicable guidance for how to implement these within a care setting)

  • the implications of malnutrition

  • factors leading to malnutrition

  • malnutrition risk screening (including alternative measurements)

  • fortifying food: practical advice on high calorie snacks and nourishing drinks

  • the importance of food record charts

  • monitoring and understanding anthropometric measurements

  • weight management for clients who need it

  • the role of oral nutritional supplements

  • allergy awareness

  • the importance of hydration

  • menu ordering for special diets

  • meeting religious, ethnic and cultural dietary requirements

  • portion control (taking into consideration peoples’ individual needs)

  • food presentation

  • helping patients (with difficult packaging and cutting up food, for example)

  • encouraging positive attitudes towards food and beverages

  • protected mealtimes

  • the importance of good nutrition in the healing and recovery process

  • techniques for making the identification of those requiring assistance with eating and drinking easy

  • therapeutic diets (such as modified textures) and the new International Diet Descriptor Standardisation Initiative

  • relevant case studies


Where relevant, we can arrange dedicated sessions such as Nutrition and Dementia, amongst others, and can deliver practical catering sessions for an additional cost.


Learning materials and certificates of attendance can be provided at all sessions for continuing professional development.


We also offer a consultancy service to help organisations enhance their current nutritional care processes.


For more information on training, or to arrange a chat, visit our contact page and complete the form.


Alternatively, contact Elaine directly by phone or email using the details in the footer of this page.


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