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Eating well with a busy schedule

Studies have shown that being busy with work can lead to unhealthy choices and skipping meals altogether. Being prepared can make all the difference when it comes to choosing a healthier option.


Save and freeze left overs. If you have made curries, stews, pies for dinner save any left overs in the freezer so that you can defrost and heat up easily - my favourite is saving left over chicken risotto and adding some extra sweetcorn or peas at lunchtime.

Pre-cooked/packaged grains

Pre-packaged rice and grains can be very useful when in a rush - opt for brands with the fewest ingredients where you can.

Freeze bread

Always have some wholegrain bread in the freezer so you can whip up a toasted sandwich easily e.g. humous on toast with salad.

Tinned beans/soups

Tinned beans or soups can come in handy but try not to have every day due to the salt content - opt for soups with some extra protein too like those with lentils or chicken.

Keep it simple

If you are really stuck for time why not grab a bowl of wholegrain cereal with milk topped with fruit – a very quick but nourishing meal.


Work Hours and Perceived Time Barriers to Healthful Eating Among Young Adults Am J Health Behav. 2012 Nov; 36(6): 786–796.

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